You can’t pour from an empty cup

Five small ways to center yourself

The expectations put on us as women and as mothers is immense. Now, many mothers experience a state of confusion, not knowing what this life change means for them, being a mum.

You may ask yourself:

Who will I become in this role?

What is important to me now?

And how can I be the mother I want to be, constrained by the expectations of others?

Authenticity is hard won, and it’s a concept that is very important to define.

It means being real: true to your innermost self. It means discovering what’s important to you and sticking by those principles and attributes.

Discovering authenticity requires clarity

Here’s five simple steps/tips that may indeed help you find the clarity you’re searching for.

Pause for some meditation

Finding ‘pause’ in your day can allow the to-do lists and expectations fall away, leaving space for coherent thought, acknowledgement of your emotional well-being and the creation of a sense of inner calm.

Meditation for many of us doesn’t look like sitting in lotus pose om-ing away (It can be quite the opposite). But what I can say is that you have to try “pausing” throughout the day (deep breaths…. Yes it can be done!). Meditation can be sitting in silence at the school parking lot after dropping the kids off as the mornings get busy to say the least or during the morning coffee when you sit to gather your thoughts for the day. Take a moment to breathe and connect back to yourself, when you do get the chance to just breath and clear your mind, this will allow you to come back to center or neutral.

Schedule self-care

One cannot pour from an empty cup.

Taking the time to replenshish your energy with a small, personal self-care ritual can act as a reminder that you count too. So much of motherhood is care-taking. Ensuring that we ourselves are also taken care of will allow us to better care for others.

I have a morning skin care ritual. I use the skin care products that are invigorating and good for my skin and moisterising taking that time to care for my face, it seems to look tired when I’ve missed sleep or dry out with the seasonal change so having this morning ritual is my self-care, I also love applying a rich full body moisturizer every day either morning or night, to help replenish my skin and this gives it a glow and makes me feel smoothe and hydrated and I love it!.

Nourish yourself lovingly

Everything is affected by the foods we put into our bodies. From energy levels, to how our skin looks, to our actual health as in, avoiding diseases and illnesses our nutritional intake can make or break our efforts to live an authentic life.

Every day I have have half a lemon squeezed into a glass water and a tablespoon of fibre and I drink at least two to three litres of water a day (It’s a big effort sometimes to drink that much but I use a bottle with measurements and cheer myself on for drinking lots of H2O – my skin and tummy thank me. For me having my morning nutrients, is my part in helping my body kick start, it is like a daily coffee (I also have one of those too eventually). I am totally addicted to fresh fruit or vegetables to start my day when and where I can either on toast, oats, cereal or an omelette etc. (placing fruit at the top of my refrigerator helps as I can’t avoid the bright colours staring at me as I open the fridge). YUM!

Remember what’s important – family

This might seem like a no-brainer, but spending time with our kids and our partners without distractions (I’m talking to you, checking your Facebook again!), reminds us what’s really important.

My intention each day is to get everything I need done as early as possible including exercise, planning for my week everything I need to have done that day so when I am finished I can spend my afternoon focused on my children. The idea is to have as much of my work done, so I can fully be present with them. We are all guilty of texting and checking emails, multitasking as modern women and mothers trying to do it all. I know I am guilty of this but I try and be mindful of my time with my son’s Jay and Koby as they are growing up so fast and I just don’t want to miss it, over checking social media for the 50,000th time that day.

Embrace a mantra for the day

I enjoy read inspiring books, blogs, health/mindful magazines and affirmations to support my mantra or prayer for the day. My favorite is my visualisation board I just created for a reminder of goals I’m working towards for my family I placed it in a spot so I can see it, to inspire me everyday.

Q and A with me…

How I you make your mornings run smoothly?

My mornings run smoothly when I get up early sometimes earlier than my children to get things done and nutritionally start my day with a healthy breakfast, followed by a walk and workout of some sort if I have the time.

The life hack or tip that has changed my life…

Practicing self-care and self-love as often as possible. Forgiving myself for all judgments towards myself and others.

This quote inspires me…

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” – Helen Keller

To me “motherly” means…

Caring, loving, nurturing and knowing and being present.

Thank you for reading, do you have any tips to making the most out of your day as a mum and how to be more present with your children?

Please feel free to leave a comment Cassie xo

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