That’s right… Don’t ask my age

Has anyone ever called you immature for your age or couldn’t believe your age when you told them?

You should be glad you don’t always get told you act your age or look your age, it beats getting caught up in the seriousness of life and the fear of what society deems acceptable of our age, appearance or personality. It doesn’t take away how we feel inside sometimes we do feel older, in some situations ‘feel wiser’ from where we have been and other times, you want to laugh at silly things like your half your age with no filter or fear without the judgements from people.

I might be immature for my mid thirties (I never really bothered to care for such a thought) But truthfully I’m exactly who I am supposed to be right now and those younger looking genes or someone else’s perception of my age being younger are a blessing not a down fall and the fact people feel ‘you have to’ have everything figured out in your mid thirties even late twentys truly have got it wrong.

At the end of my life when I’m much much older and wrinkling gracefully. I will appreciate all those things about my younger self and wish those days back I’m sure.

Don’t ask me how old I am that’s trully not my age.

Ask me how many sunsets I have seen, how many sunrises I have seen on the horizon with the belief there will be a better day ahead…

Ask me how many times I have moved on, let go and lost.

Ask me how many battles I have fought, how many times my heart has been broken and healed becoming stronger.

Those are the numbers that matter.

A soul can go through a lot, in only a short few years and age can often bear no relevance to the wisdom held inside us all.

So don’t ask me how old I am or judge how I act, for a number that’s all it is a number …

Ask me how many years I’ve cryed and how many loves my heart has held inside.

Ask me how many friends and family I have lost along the way and how many voices I can no longer recall no matter how hard I try.

Ask me about the travels I have taken, the things I have seen, the stories I can share, the lessons I have learned.

Ask me how young my spirit feels when I sit by the ocean and listen to the waves roar through me like memory’s of my past or hear my favourite songs and feel revived again, when my family and friends are gathered around and the night rolls on into the small hours

Ask me all of that but don’t ask me how old I am….that’s not my age.

It is just not that important, is it important to you?

Embrace yourself as with time all things weather and change enjoy your life to the full

Cassie xo

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