Eleven Things I Do To Relax

Relaxing doesn’t come easily or naturally to me. It takes a lot of effort and energy for me to slow things down and relax.

Here are 11 things that I consistently do to relax.

Read – I thrive on mindful reading, self guidence, self love and quirky cookbook’s creating new and inventive ways to cook for my family and myself (Passionately). The more descriptive and insightful the more I thrive I’m a sponge for positive material.

Breathe – Why is it that I forget to breathe? Taking a few slow breaths is all it usually takes to relax my entire being.

Emotional Freedom – Meditation, Crystals, The Ocean, Music, Cleaning, Exercise try one of these quite possibly you may feel relaxed in some way, I know when I’m feeling pain or hurt or exhausted by people or life I do my best to set myself emotionally free with some of the above.

Fast Walking/Running – When I have energy to kill or thoughts and feelings I can’t shake whether it’s mental or physical I get out for an early morning walk or run, It helps me process life with any old injurys or managing my weight or thoughts and learn to be more present in my life.

Go for a slow stroll – A slow stroll allows me to breathe more, get out of whatever situation wasn’t relaxing me and move my body.

Spending quality time with my Kids – Is there anything better or more relaxing than cuddling with your babys and enjoying the smell of their hair or watching them smile it warms my heart 100 times over

Ask for a hug – Sometimes you just need a hug.

Write – When I can’t relax because there is too much going on in my head, I just start writing and I don’t stop until I feel relaxed (my blog cassielovelifefoodie.com is full of writing that relaxs me)

Rewatch a movie or tv show – The familiar relaxes me so I’ll put on something that I’ve seen many times before and instantly calm down.

Drinking a healthy tea – Sipping a warm cup of tea is so calming. Especially orange and cinnamon tea, which is great for relaxation.

Listen to Music – Music is my go-to when I need to relax down to my cells. I’ll turn up the volume and sing along. It’s magic!

I hope this helps you find some new ideas to relax too.

Cassie xox